🇬🇧My apologies for not posting as much as I used to, but I’ve got a lot going on and (maybe) can share more with you about some of the projects that I’m working on.

At the beginning of the year I was invited to work as a psychologist/teacher at the Ana Maria Poppovic Psychological Clinic at PUC-SP. The invitation came with the proposal to set up a group at the clinic, with complete freedom of creation.

Those who follow me here already know that I’ve been talking about this place of self-care and, more recently, wanting to work more with women in this group field. I had tried some of this with Therapeutic Co-Creation Mentorship and this was the right time to return to it with a very clear change in setting: in a clinic that provides free social care. It couldn’t be different, my desire was to create Group Therapy with Women.

It is interesting to think about this process, because in our capitalist subjectivity mode, immediacy prevailed and my anxiety was showing up through the weeks and I felt that I needed to focus on this, due to the importance and commitment I have to the theme and the role I am starting to assume in the Clinic. Starting a group therapy proved to be more difficult than I imagined: schedule, that I would be in person, accounting for transportation, location, departure time… so many variables.

At some point I decided to take a deep breath and just get started. We started! I’m not alone in this — a student from the clinic is participating in the improving course of the clinic. It’s already been intense and profound in just a few weeks. I’d like to think about what we’ve been working on in the sessions: it’s so feminine, so contemporary. I’d like to share it with you. Calmly, responsibly and bringing references for anyone who is interested in the subject — meu jeitinho [Brazilian way of saying ‘in my special way’].



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Dayse Bispo Silva

Dayse Bispo Silva


Psychologist (CRP06/97946), PhD Social Psychology, Life Coach and Professor at PUC-SP